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  • rbk

    Sex Crimz Fiona Staples variant cover!!! *squees* 

    Anybody else pick this up today? Haven't opened it yet. 

  • rbk

    Happy Wednesday! Every Wednesday I wake up excited...and then I remember my LCS doesn't open until 11! When do you get your books on Wednesdays? What are you most looking forward to today? 

  • rbk

    Out of curiosity, do you guys get your comics at your local comic book shop or do you order them online? I love my local shop, but every once in a while there will be something they can't get that I have to go looking for online. 

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    • moloch

      I get my pull list from my local comic book store. Love chatting the staff up and also like the great suggestions they offer me from time to time. 

      My trades and hardcovers in the other hand, I get from Amazon and chapters here in Canada. Much cheaper for my trades online.

      Oh, and by the way rbk, your bio is epic :-) 

  • rbk

    Anybody else's pull list dominated by Image? I really need to branch out! Suggestions welcome. :) 

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    • Taren

      Here are some non Image titles I like:

      • Black Hammer (Dark Horse) 
      • Lady Killer 2 (Dark Horse) 
      • Moon Knight 
      • Wonder Woman
      • Extraordinary X-Men 
      • Blood Shot Reborn (Valiant) 
      • Batman
      • Trinity 
      • And others... Basically I spend too much on comics  ha ha. 
  • rbk

    Anybody reading I Hate Fairyland? The most recent issue (9)  seemed to jump around, I went back and reread it to make sure I didn't miss something. Just me?

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