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Uncanny X-Men #10
Another God Level Omega Mutant
June 3rd, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I have been 50-50 about the Jean Grey led X-Men for a while. With Charles at the helm, things definitely felt different. I have to say I still prefer those comics over this one. Even though the artwork in the comic book was really good, I feel that the story lacked something. I still think it was a fun story, but the X-Men have definitely seen better days. Of the Jean Grey led X-Men, I have to say X-Men Red is still one of my favourites. It was nice to see the 4 horsemen again, but this time being the horsemen of Salvation instead of the apocalypse. I liked the imagery in the series, but I always get annoyed when they drag Angle in as one of the horsemen.

One of my major concerns with this story was that Nate was too overpowered. Personally, I would have wanted them to explore the relationship between Jean Grey and Nate in more detail. Another problem I had with it was the focus on the young x-men for a part of the series; I felt that it was unnecessary. I am not too big on the telepathic debate battles, but it was still nice to see.

Overall, I would say that the whole story arc was nice and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the end of the Cyclops-Wolverine story arc going on right now. It's a good read, with some damn nice artwork and some iconic scenes. 

Really Liked It


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