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  • RashDiamond
    RashDiamond created a new list, Batman: Joker War (2020)

    Batman: Joker War Reading Order / Checklist Batman’s spent his life stopping robberies. While it might be his battles against Gotham’s colorful super-villains that grab the headlines, not a week goes by where Batman or his allies don’t also foil countless muggings, purse snatches and burglaries. After all, it was a robbery gone wrong that set Bruce Wayne on his path to becoming the Dark Knight. So, it’s...

  • RashDiamond
    RashDiamond commented on the comic, Empyre: X-Men #1
    Empyre: X-Men #1

    I'm a bit confused about when this issue takes place. According to the Checklist on the back of all the Empyre comics, this issue is part of Phase 2. It is also not marked as a released issue in the checklist of the comics which came out on 22nd July 2020. 

    So does this issue take place later in the chronology and was released earlier due to irregular shipments, or does it take place...

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    • Username57

      This issue is set between Empyre #2 and #3. In the #3 preview Quoi says the battle in Genosha is ongoing.

  • RashDiamond
    RashDiamond created a new list, X of Swords (2020)

    X of Swords Checklist Revealed in Marvel's Pull List The mutant nation of Krakoa faces its biggest challenge yet as their champions draw swords to defend the Earth. Don't miss a single chapter in this magnificent mutant masterpiece! X of Swords True Believers 10 comics featuring the first appearances of key characters in the X OF SWORDS crossover — all for only $1! Learn more about fan-favorite characters...

  • RashDiamond
    RashDiamond created a new list, Empyre (2020)

    Empyre Reading Order / Checklist The following issues have been removed from the event due to delays due to the virus. Empyre: Ghost Rider #1 Empyre: The Invasion of Wakanda #1–3 Empyre: Spider-Man #1–3 Empyre: Squadron Supreme #1–2 Empyre: Stormranger #1–3 Empyre: Thor #1–3 Strikeforce #10 The Union #1–3 (of 5)

  • RashDiamond
    RashDiamond created a new list, Dawn of X

    Titles collected in Dawn of X House of X Powers of X X-Men X-Force Marauders New Mutants Excalibur Fallen Angels Wolverine Cable Giant Size X-Men (varioius single issues) Hellions X-Men / Fantastic Four X-Factor Children of the Atom Empyre: X-Men X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills Extended Cut

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