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  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Middlewest #18
    Middlewest #18

    While I do feel that the resolution was a bit quick - we don't get a real sense of what led to Abel's dad's change of heart - This has been a wonderful and beautiful series.  

    • Mernas
      Felt the same. Dad was raging for 17 issues and suddenly, for whatever reason, he gets to the conclusion he fucked up fatherhood? Anyway, I really enjoyed the whole series. Great story, great art and just so fun to read every month. Skottie is simply one of the illest comic book artists out there!
  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Excellence #6
    Excellence #6

    This book is really great, and really benefited from a whole-arc re-read.  There are some timing things that I find a little confusing, especially reading a month apart.  All that confusion disappears when you read it knowing the big plot points and reveals.  And the big plot points and reveals are great.

  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Folklords #4
    Folklords #4

    I'm enjoying the heck out of this series.  When I got issue #4, I sat down and read 1-4 in one sitting, and it is really even better better like that.  My only complaint (and it is minor!) is that I could do with a little more mystery reveal four issues in!  Perhaps I'm just too impatient.  

  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5
    Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5

    I just read the first two volumes and this run of The Rat, and I must say Pretty Deadly is doing some remarkable work.  From a story-telling perspective and an art perspective, this book is top-notch, and probably eased its way into my all time top 5.

    • MannequinRaces

      I thought the first volume was great. Sad that I missed out on this 2nd arc. I knew it was coming out but my pull list is pretty full. 

  • PTCBeerGuy
    I let this sit in my stack for a while... I decided I wanted to start over at the beginning and read start to finish, and this weekend I finally had the time.  What a great series!  I think it seems like a book...
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