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  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Folklords #4
    Folklords #4

    I'm enjoying the heck out of this series.  When I got issue #4, I sat down and read 1-4 in one sitting, and it is really even better better like that.  My only complaint (and it is minor!) is that I could do with a little more mystery reveal four issues in!  Perhaps I'm just too impatient.  

  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5
    Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5

    I just read the first two volumes and this run of The Rat, and I must say Pretty Deadly is doing some remarkable work.  From a story-telling perspective and an art perspective, this book is top-notch, and probably eased its way into my all time top 5.

    • MannequinRaces

      I thought the first volume was great. Sad that I missed out on this 2nd arc. I knew it was coming out but my pull list is pretty full. 

  • PTCBeerGuy
    I let this sit in my stack for a while... I decided I wanted to start over at the beginning and read start to finish, and this weekend I finally had the time.  What a great series!  I think it seems like a book...
  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Coffin Bound #3
    Coffin Bound #3

    This book is challenging and a little too gross for my usual taste, but there's something under the surface (fellow readers, get the joke?) that is oddly compelling.  I'm not sure yet if it is going to be fully successful at making any clear statements, but its exploration of our sense of self and who gets to define it is certainly interesting.

  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Gideon Falls #15
    Gideon Falls #15

    I may need to stop reading this monthly as I feel like I'm starting to lose the thread... I need to go back and then probably start reading 4 issues at a time or something.  The art continues to be astounding for me.

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