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  • PretyRekless

    What's everyone's opinion on Donny Cates? The shop I frequent & local community I'm a part of have a love affair with God Country, Redneck, and Babyteeth. Even though we all tend to skew more Image/indie, most everyone I know is even excited about the Marvel titles that Cates will be writing now. Personally, I think Redneck started out being a solid 8/8.5 (out of 10, of course) kind of comic, but has since become just another horror title. I definitely think Babyteeth was overhyped and only started out being around a 5, although it has improved a tiny bit with each subsequent issue. I did not read God Country yet, but there's another post (which inspired me to write this one) on here that basically says God Country started out good, but flailed as it came to an end. Ultimately, I do not think Donny Cates is the "next big thing"; rather, I think he is hot right now because he was smart enough to hook up with Image, but his star will fade very quickly. If Donny Cates isn't your favorite writer right now, then who is and what titles of theirs are your favorite?

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    • MannequinRaces

      I admit I'm at least going to try out issue #1 of Reactor.

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