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  • PPHS
    PPHS commented on the comic, Sink #9
    Sink #9
    My favorite comic series PERIOD.
  • PPHS
    PPHS commented on the comic, Rise #1
    Rise #1

    Anyone have anything to say?

    • Droocifer
      I guess not — I was wondering the same
  • PPHS
    PPHS commented on the comic, Sparrowhawk #5
    Sparrowhawk #5

    I am a 25 year old man and this book is still my taste. I have seen many not give this book a chance because it "wasnt for there demographic". This series is mean (in a good way) and the end was something phenomenal. Strong young woman protagonist and a great moral to take away. I loved this breath of fresh air, that ironically, feels very familiar. Hats off to the team. I am sure we will be seeing...

  • PPHS
    PPHS commented on the comic, Junior High Horrors #2
    Junior High Horrors #2
    I bought this because I saw one copy left. I flipped through it. The art is terrible. Like, horrendous. Totally off putting. anyone want to vouch for this series? Because rn I'm a bit upset I bought it.
  • PPHS
    PPHS commented on the comic, Conspiracy #1
    Conspiracy #1

    I don't know what I expected from this title, and I don't know how I feel about it. It does not get very deep as one would hope, with simply superficial aspects thrown into the mix for sake of reference, leaving the cliffhanger to be a bit cheesy for my diet. I am not invested into the story nor the characters...The cover is nice though.

    Maybe they will get it right. They would have won me...

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