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  • Plethora
    Plethora commented on the comic, The Complete Essex County TP
    The Complete Essex County TP

    It's one of the comics you can blindly recommend to folks that aren't into comics yet. Or gift it to beloved friends. It's such a heartwarming masterpiece on two families and how their lives are intertwined. It'll resonate with you for a very long time.

    • Taren

      It is on the to read list. Love Jeff Lemire. 

  • Plethora

    Concerning this website... the last entry in the "News" section is from 2014, I can't find out whose behind this site and there seems to be only a really small number of users. So I asked myself: Is this website abandoned? Are there still any devs out there? Will there be any updates or improvements in the future? How can we "lure" more users to this beautifully designed and helpful webpage? 

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    • Xploited

      Prior to 2014, LOCG was a news website + app. There are plenty of options for news out there and publishers rarely work well with smaller websites, so we stuck with what we did best. I'm surprised you even found the news section.

      It's not abandoned. I've always been here. Updates are incorporated regularly. As you can see from the feed on the right, there's a lot of activity - just not a lot of discussion in the feed. I suspect that will change with the new mobile app soon. And ... tell others about it - spread the word!

  • Plethora

    So i'm reading my way up the Chew TPBs and I wonder if there will be such an exceptional issue as Vol. 2 again? I just finished Vol. 3 and 4 and yes, they where good, but not as interesting and weird as the second volume.

    • karsnark

      At no point did I find myself being disappointed by this comic. One of my all time favorites. Vol. 2 was damn amazing though.

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