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  • F. Paul Wilson’s Repairman Jack: Scar-Lip Redux GN
  • PKcomic411
    Actually? The two in this volume make them my favorite friends in any time. Couple of pages had me kind of timey whimey confused. And one part referenced killing Hitler and I swear was straight out of Rick and Morty. Wonder...
    • PKcomic411

      Oh, and remember when all 4 singles came out the same day? The first common book "binge"

  • PKcomic411
    PKcomic411 commented on the comic, Aquaman #58
    Aquaman #58

    I am now convinced. KSD et al inserted or reordered pages because of the coronavirus, ret conned "the great sickness" and changed the naming of Princess Andy reveal. Unless someone can correct me in that the first mention of her was by Lucia in an offhand remark (which seems to go against the synopses of upcoming issues).

  • PKcomic411
    PKcomic411 commented on the comic, X-O Manowar #1
    X-O Manowar #1
    What do you mean exactly. We have kindt's run, 7 trades. And venditti's that's 13 trades. He may have a cameo here in there (Ninja-k perhaps?) But Valiant is all over place now. All the titles don't connect like they used to
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    • Adamantiumcocoon

      After reading this, there is currently nothing that you really need to know. No real references to previous things except for the standard X-O stuff like he is a visigoth from the past and got a space suit from aliens and now lives in the present day.

      I found this issue refreshingly simple, though nothing compares to the first year of Kindt's run. The humourous commentary by Shanhara was fun, but YMMV. 

  • PKcomic411
    PKcomic411 commented on the comic, Once & Future Vol. 1 TP
    Once & Future Vol. 1 TP
    Those that have read the singles, worthy purchase in trade?
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