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  • original_nuttta
    original_nuttta commented on the comic, Die! Die! Die! #1
    Die! Die! Die! #1

    I'm all aboard. Extreme graphic violence and use of obscene language. Love how the storyline and covers will be kept secret until release date or as close as possible to keep that old school excitement feel. I really appreciate Kirkman's ingenuity. It's the little things like this that Die! DIe! Die! Hard fans will love and respect. I'm just hoping this series doesn't get the Full Cosby.

    • PKcomic411
      Hehe... I see what you did there
  • original_nuttta
    original_nuttta commented on the comic, Gideon Falls #5
    Gideon Falls #5

    Loving this run. But I have a hypothesis that I believe may have solved the mystery... Doc Sutton is the estranged father of Norton and brother of Clara. The Barn is actually Maple Leaf Gardens conveniently located on Carlton between Church and you guessed it... Jarvis. After closing the doors in 1999 the Spirit of Harold Ballard came back to life taking then 8 year old Norton...

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    • nec

      LOL I didn't put that together. The curse will end this year with Tavares. 

  • original_nuttta
    original_nuttta commented on the comic, Justice League #4
    Justice League #4
    Oh, the Totality!!!!
  • original_nuttta
    original_nuttta commented on the comic, VS #5
    VS #5
    Ribic did a fabulous job in the art department. The whole story has been visual dynamite and really liked the idea of the fictional commercial ads. The premise had so much potential, but suffered as a result of poor writing and panel jumping. Satta Flynn should have been a much cooler character, but with no personal development or background he just came off as broken militant with no personality....
  • original_nuttta
    original_nuttta commented on the comic, Superman #1
    Superman #1

    Good first issue. Kind of a groundwork issue, setting several plots. Reis and Prado make every panel pop. The new Fortress of Solitude is cool. But I agree that for a place of meditation and escape it looks as though he placed it in the most environmentally chaotic place possible - perhaps it's a metaphor for Kal-Els mental state in feeling desolate amongst the vastness...

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