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  • One_Shot

    My sister, age 7, has become a rather reluctant reader. She really enjoys being read to, but when it comes to reading herself she constantly says she can't. We know she can however as she has no problems pointing out 'sight words' she's learned in school and reading them. I've read that graphic novels are a great way to help reluctant readers and was wondering what stories your young family members enjoy reading themselves that I can try with her. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions!

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    • One_Shot
      Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  • One_Shot
    "This was probably the most fun comic I've ever written. I didn't have to worry about story, logic, or anything other than a crazed Reindeer with a chainsaw." -Brandon Rhiness, Author. Well, he's definitely...
  • One_Shot
    One_Shot commented on the comic, Legends of the Dark Claw #1
    Legends of the Dark Claw #1

    Grabbed this from the dollar bin at my LCBS based on cover alone, didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did.

  • One_Shot
    One_Shot commented on the comic, Mr. T and the T-Force #1
    Mr. T and the T-Force #1

    Would have been super cool to get the signed version, but just found the one with the trading card at my LCBS. Whoever owned it before me never opened it, but I might..

  • One_Shot
    One_Shot commented on the comic, Joker: Killer Smile #3
    Joker: Killer Smile #3

    How quickly I went from loving the panels in #1-2 to wondering what the heck happened with that artistry in #3.
    Would recommend this story though, I may not have liked the way they were used at the end, but the story itself never slipped and was an enjoyable read. Black Label seems to be putting out some pretty good stories.

    • Wheezy1892
      I thought this was pretty good, lemire though lately has had trouble sticking the landing.
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