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  • Omac1985
    Omac1985 commented on the comic, Batman Beyond #39
    Batman Beyond #39
    This arc has been a highlight of the series it has had major repercussions and has introduced many new ideas and it hasn’t been forced into a.”summer crossover “ I eagerly await each issue, to me Batman Beyond is of the best books currently available.
    • Wheezy1892
      I feel the same way. Hope they land the reveal.
  • Omac1985
    Omac1985 commented on the comic, Fantastic Four 2099 #1
    Fantastic Four 2099 #1

    Well damn, that was an unexpected read

  • Omac1985
    Omac1985 commented on the comic, Superman #16
    Superman #16

    Terribly written, horribly drawn possibly the worst issue so far of a subpar run and proof that Bendis does not care about established character personalities and writes whatever the hell he feels like.

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    • KingKrypton

      If this is the last issue of the "Super Sons" it went out on a high note. I kind of hope Damian winds up in the Legion for a bit. 

  • Omac1985
    Omac1985 commented on the comic, Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2 Variant Edition
    Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2 Variant Edition
    An absolutely terrible two parter that didn’t do anything expect exist to waste time and paper, I think the only parts I enjoyed were Jim Lees art in issue 1
    • KingKrypton

      I believe it was Dr. Ian Malcolm who said, "Now eventually you do plan on having the Legion of Super-Heroes in your Legion of Super-Heroes comic?" #2 is about the same as issue #1 except the Legion does show up for two pages. You got more Legion content in the Superman issues from August-October. Heck you got more Superboy content in Lois Lane this week. 

      Good art and it was nice seeing Booster "home" again.

  • Omac1985
    Omac1985 commented on the comic, DCeased #3
    DCeased #3

    After the ending of issue 2 I thought I'd read an emotional moment that could not be beaten in its tone, this issue proved me so very wrong, Taylor you continue to be a brilliant writer, I pray the rest of this mini keeps this level of amazing storytelling in a genre most were considering (no pun intended) dead.

    • Taren

      Looking forward to catching up with this. It's funny I was just thinking about this. So many times a great story isn't great because it's "so original". It's great because of HOW the story is told. Not sure who said it but... Something like "All the great story's have already been told. And all the themes have been explored." Now, it's all in the how. 

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