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Captain Marvel #18
August 3rd, 2020

Good to see this book getting back to form after the very poor offerings we've had for the last few issues.

If you're not reading Empyre this tie in issue might read like yoou've missed a chunk of the story but unfortunately that is the nature of these big summer events. They want you to buy it all. While it does very breifly recap how Carol became the new Accuser and what that means it doesnt dwell on it unecessarily which allows Kelly to get on with telling her part of this story.

One of my problems with the big even crossovers is that quite often its like you lose 1 or 2 months worth of the book you enjoy while it goes off on a meaningless tangent. But this is at least in part about the Kree which gives Kelly Thompson plenty of things to explore here. If you're a Captain Marvel fan then the revelation and the events in this issue could potentially be a key moment for her. Or possibly its going to really annoy people. One way or the other it should give Thompson plenty of opportunity to delve into Carols character which is the type of writing that i think suits her best.

Change in artist for this issue as well. I'm not familiar with Cory Smith but their work is so much better than the mess we've had for the last few issues. 

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