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Cable #2
CABLE #2...
Cable #2 Review
August 1st, 2020

Ok i'm weak. I'd said several times that as much as i liked the idea of Cable dating the cuckoos i did not like issue 1 so i was not going to buy issue 2 yet here it is. It just proves i'm a sucker for marketing and as soon as an issue was in front of me the cover made me pick it up.

Apart from the inclusion of the Cuckoos and an insight into their intriguing dating dynamic there was nothing especially interesting in this issue. It wasnt bad as such it just wasnt much of anything. It started out with some promise with the stry picking up on the kidnapping of a mutant baby and Cable insisting to the local authorities that he was going to help in the investigation regardless of their feelings on the subject. But then it quickly went off on a tangent with the SpaceKnights and the sword he found previously. (I'm not clear if there is meant to be a connection with Rom here but Marvel no longer hold the license to the character as far as i'm aware) 

If this had been an issue centred around Cables investigation and splitting his time between the Cuckoos then this might have been a decent issue but it failed to hold my attention once the story focus shifted.

Didn't Like It


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