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Savage Dragon #249
Savage Dragon #249
June 29th, 2020

One of the things i enjoy about Savage Dragon is that it takes place more or less in real time. The characters age and they are affected by real life events.

Although it wasnt a major part of this issue there was something comforting about Angel referencing having to give up social distancing to fight the invading freaks from Chicago and Maxine worrying about having to raise Malcolm Dargon's kids on her own in lockdown. But more so that it was just referneced in the background throughout the issue and acknowledged as something that is actually hapenning and that many of us are worried about.

The issue itself has the usual quality from Larsen. He can be an acquired taste as some of his character designs can be out there. But his stuff is always a good solid enjoyable read at its worst and has moments of hillarious genius at its best. Its no real surprise that he's powering on to issue 250 and there arent many others who are legitimatley maintiaing the higher issue counts without having to relaunch/reboot and so on. While the high issue count might put off some new readers this is a series that you can jump in on pretty much any issue and not have to worry about the history.

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