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Animosity #27
Animosity #27
Animosity #27 Review
May 16th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This series is apparently cancelled but i dont think this was ever intended to be the final chapter. It concluded the current story arc but it just felt rushed and disjointed. 

This is usually a very well written book with a really interesting concept but if this is the last issue it will be a pitty that it ended like this. It had a strange combination of nothing much reallyhapenning and too much hapenning at once.

Literally in one section Jesse is crawling through a sewer, then when she next appears she's pulling Sandor, who is somehow injured since we last saw him a few pages earlier, out of, or over something and screaming about how she'll never leave him. Then on the last page he's walking with the group seemingly uninjured. 

I really hope that this is just on hiatus and hasnt actually been formally cancelled as i'd hate for this to have been the way a series i've enjoyed so much to have ended.

Didn't Like It


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  • SwiftMann

    Not sure where you got that this was the last issue or a conclusion to the current arc. It states "To be continued..." on the final page with a Next Issue cover. Diamond still has #28 on the schedule for 8/12/20.

    Reply  ·  2 weeks ago
  • ObsessedNerd

    I really hope this wasn't the last issue. Would hate to have seen it end on this one. I don't tend to check Diamond cancelled books can still show up in their schedule but at the time of the review no further issues were listed on any of the usual places I look for upcoming books. But it just did have the feel of a book being cut short and that can mean that if it is being cancelled that next issue might not actually ship. Would be a shame as this is probably the first issue in this series I haven't enjoyed.

    Reply  ·  2 weeks ago