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Superman #20
Superman is great again
Superman #20 Review
February 14th, 2020

I lost interest in sevewral big characters like Superman a few years ago. Reboots removing continuity i'd enjoyed and constant repeats of old storylines that were done much better by other writers and artists just put me off the big 3 at DC. But I have to say that Bendis has brought me back and rejuvinated a character that had grown tired and boring and predictable. Also the artwork by Reis is fantastic. The current storyline is a refreshing new take and the 1st proper shake up of the status quo for Superman probably since the early 80's. But the best thing is that this storyline isnt being done just to change things and shake it up a bit. It feels like a natural evolution of where Superman should have been taken years ago. I never thought i would recommend a Superman title again but i absolutely do.

Really Liked It


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  • KingKrypton

    With Doomsday Clock ending, this has emerged as the best title I'm reading.  I was really worried about the identity reveal given how badly it went last time, but Bendis has been doing a good job so far. Ivan Reis needs to start being mentioned as one of the all time greats. His work has been stellar since he started on Action Comics in 2004.

    Reply  ·  1 month ago
  • ObsessedNerd

    Totally agree on Ivan's artwork. Is he an all time great? Time will tell on that. But he 100% has the talent to get there.

    Reply  ·  1 month ago