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Batman and the Outsiders #10
Batman and the Outsiders #10
February 13th, 2020

This continues to be a good solid comic that i look forward to each month. Being a fan of the original Outsiders i dont think this line up is as interesting or dynamic. But it is a good book. The writiing suits a team book with actual character development and storytelling instead of just relying on page after page of action and group poses that a lot of team books suffer from. The art is very good and suits the tone of the book. Its more Outsiders than batman and the Outsiders. But falling into the camp of people that are getting bored of constant Batman output from DC its refreshing to see him involved but not the centre of the universe.

Liked It


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  • Wheezy1892
    I enjoyed this one, the slow burn nature of hills writing is great.
    Reply  ·  6 months ago
  • ObsessedNerd
    Absolutely. We all like the action in superhero books but particularly when it’s a team book it’s so important to have character development so that it doesn’t get boring
    Reply  ·  6 months ago