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  • NYRam2016

    I love League of Comic Geeks. Have been using it for years. 

    Does anyone know of a similar product I can use for my large Library of Books. Some are antiques and rare editions. Need a Catalog program with the same type of options we have with Geeks?

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    • cazepeda
      Goodreads app?
  • gregroyj42

    This week I ended up getting Daredevil and skipped Moon Knight.  The art wasn't good in Moon knight and I had to give Soule a chance because some of his work is great.  

  • Narg1992

    Is there a way to add certain issues for example Wonder Woman rebirth #1 only has the variant version and not the first print copy.

  • Mara

    Hey fellas, any easy way to switch a bunch of issues at once from print to digital in your collection page?

  • Daniel
    Daniel » NYRam2016

    I approved your copies of JSA vs Cobra. I changed the release dates to that which was on the DC website. Turns out their site is wrong. I'm not sure where you got the correct information but it would be great if you could add the accurate dates when you get the chance.

    • NYRam2016

      That's great. Thank you. I got the dates from the actual comic books which I own. I will submit the changes when I go in to add them to my collection. Thanks again.

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