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    There is an epidemic in comic books right now, and it seems to stem from the success of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" and "The Walking Dead". Every publisher is looking for the next cinema adaptation...
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    • TecnoPope
      Couldn't agree more. All those garbage Humanoids books are predicated completely on that. They moved their offices to LA just to do it.
    NUEXGUY commented on the comic, Usagi Yojimbo #1
    Usagi Yojimbo #1
    I've been aware of and vaguely familiar with the character for years. But this book was not my favorite. It wasn't bad, just didn't really hook me. The art and colors are beautiful though!
    NUEXGUY commented on the comic, Psi-Lords #1
    Psi-Lords #1
    I was not too impressed. It has a nice air of mystery to it so I hope it turns out great, but the dialogue was really awful in this issue. And the art was mostly great. The lettering annoyed me a bit too. I am in for 4, but if they don't hook me by then I am out.
    NUEXGUY commented on the comic, Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1
    Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1
    I loved this book! It was the best ending I could have asked for! Ryan Parrott and Eleonora Carlini made excellent use of the extra page count and we got full morphing sequences and megazord transformations via beautiful splashes! What did you guys think?
    This series just keeps getting better with every issue. #4 was an action packed issue that revealed a lot about the world we are in and the past. A lot of great character moments, amazing art, and great dialogue. If you...
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