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  • nuahs

    Looking for opinions on Alan Moore's Lovecraftian books from Avatar Press. I'm not a massive Moore fan and generally find Avatar's output repugnant (even when it comes from some of my favourite creators), but with the current sale on Comixology and the few reviews I've seen, I'm wondering if it's worth dropping the coin for these books. Thoughts?

  • stein
    stein » nuahs

    Please when you update the release date on a comic, please also update the variant cover as well.

    • nuahs

      I don't usually think of it sorry as I hold little regard for variants. I'll try and remember...

  • undeadquinn
    undeadquinn » nuahs

    Heres Descender cover B Interlocking as set no regrets buying it now.

  • mrmistermarty
    mrmistermarty » nuahs

    Why does my homepage on this site not show my recent activity with comics I've read or added to my collection?  Lately it has only been showing comments I've made.

  • Taren
    Taren » nuahs

    I was just reading that Dark Knights Metal will have "tie-ins".  Not buying them. This stuff is marketing driven not story driven. 90% of the "tie-ins" I have read are just weak and only somehow barely "tied" to the main story. Boooooo. DC Boooooo. 

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