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Action Comics #1018
Just badly done...
January 10th, 2020

This is just bad... ART & WRITING. Hell, even the "editing" or lack thereof.

Unfortunately, Bendis has completely lost his touch... I loved his work on New Avengers and who doesn't love his Ultimate Spidey run, but lately his writing has been sub par at best. He used to write so well. I feel like he lacks respect for continuity, stepping on everyone's toes for the sake of HIS OWN story. I think I'm done giving him anymore of my money. Which honestly I'm a bit sad about.

As far as JRJR is concerned, I feel like he's gotten lazy. I don't know what it is, maybe he's taken on too much work and feels the need to rush through all his pieces or maybe he's just getting old (even though his father never really lost his touch, even in his old age), but his art has gone downhill. Somewhere around Avengers in 2000 is when I stopped liking his work. Everything felt half-assed. He's a legend and we should NO DOUBT give him respect where it's due, but at the same time being a legend doesn't save you from negative critique. I had already been teetering on whether or not to cancel my sub on this book, and this issue made up my mind. 

Anyways... I feel the fact that I need to ANNOUNCE that this is solely MY OPINION is sad... Let's not have anyone getting emotional now lol.

Hated It


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