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Criminal #2
Maybe I've gone crazy, but...
Criminal #2 Review
February 16th, 2019

Um... Okay then? I hope this seemingly random jump to a completely different story (taking place decades later I believe) comes to something, because in and off itself it's kind of a silly cheap trick. That aside, the story itself is... pretty good. It still has that super strong narrative voice that Brubaker does so well, and Phillips are is, of course stunning, but there's something insubstantial and indulgent about this story and how long it takes to actually go anyway. There's a pretty absurd amount of trivia about fictional comic book history, mixed in with some real stuff, that's, like, cool, but not really interesting or that informing to the characters nor narrative. I also feel like I've seen Jacob's story in Bad Night and this doesn't add anything more to him than that fantastic story already did.

Maybe I've gone crazy and this will all make sense eventually, but from where I'm sitting right now, this issue was a pretty big disappointment.

Really Liked It


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  • marty922

    This Criminal series won't necessarily have continuous arcs.  It's more likely to have some 'one-shots', then maybe a 2-issue arc.. that kind of thing.  Based on what I've read from Brubaker anyway.

    Reply  ·  1 year ago
  • noshape

    Sure, that's fine, but it's weird to not finish an arc before moving onto the next one? That's what bothered me really. 

    Reply  ·  1 year ago