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  • Norseman
    Norseman commented on the comic, Batman #92
    Batman #92

    First comic I read for a long time and had a blast. Batman comics never disappoint, always incredible well written. 

  • Norseman
    Norseman commented on the comic, Star Wars: Darth Maul #3
    Star Wars: Darth Maul #3

    These type of books restore my faith in the star wars comics from Marvel.

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    • Mofojojo94
      i just wish there were more
  • Norseman
    Norseman commented on the comic, Secret Empire: Brave New World #1
    Secret Empire: Brave New World #1

    Well, I gave a try to this series, now I'm out. To be fair, is not that is bad from a quality perspective but I think, like myself, most people are coming here expecting something meaningful about the Secret Empire event. Instead, what you get is a couple of non-sense stories that while still having a Secret Empire context, could in fact be done in any context.

    Again, the comic is decent...

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    • Jeffbrandie

      The Athenian story does setup way Namor does what he does in main Secret Empire storyline.  But, yeah even with that this is pretty pointless.

  • Norseman
    While everyone was bashing this Marvel event, I was enjoying it. Just like the original Civil War, I like this moral debates. There isn't a clear answer to which side is the correct one and that makes you think about...
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    • Jeffbrandie

      For me it wasn't the event so much as how Marvel is doing them as of late.  

      There were a ridiculous amount of tie ins (which the original was the same way), which wouldn't be so bad if they actually all added to the story.  Most of them felt like they were rushed or were really pushing the story to be "included" in the event.

      As much as I am enjoying Secret Empire, they are doing the same thing.  There have been some really good tie ins, but most are sub par or just down right horrible.  Plus, you are interrupting the continuing story of some of these series just to sell issues, which is a let down also.

      I did enjoy the story, debate, and implications of CWII. Hell, without this and Pleasant Hill there wouldn't be a Secret Empire.

      It is always good to hear someone else's opinion on something like this, because as you said this was received pretty bad from the start. I really thought the ending was amazing tbh.

  • Norseman
    Norseman commented on the comic, Generation X #1
    Generation X #1

    I liked the story but I've to agree with most people, the art is out of place. Is not that is bad, just not a good choice for  this type of comics. 

Although I read mostly Marvel, I like well written comics in general.
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