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  • NorrinRadd615
    NorrinRadd615 commented on the comic, Seven to Eternity #1
    Seven to Eternity #1
    I really enjoyed this first issue.  I'm new to Remender's work and am curious where the next couple of issues go.  If they are as good as the first issue, then this will soon be on my monthly pull list.  I'm working with a very limited budget, but can see me making room for this one. 
    • bloodandink

      This feels like it's going to be Remender's Saga or East of West. Just massive world building.

  • NorrinRadd615

    I've really enjoyed Jim Zub's Dungeons & Dragons stories.  Excited to hear about the next one "Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant's Fury".  Wish they would just make it an ongoing monthly series.


    • CaptHowdy

      Yes a Zub written D&D monthly series is a must.

  • NorrinRadd615

    Any thoughts on the new Marvel "Monsters Unleashed" title in 2017?  I just hope they don't make Dracula, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, etc. hokey and dopey like they did with the recent Ms. Deadpool series.  They were more comic relief than anything.  Anyway, here's hoping they return some of their awesome monster/Gothic characters from the 60's, 70's, and 80's to a more serious format.  Just my two cents.  


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    • Stevenfog
      It's kinda hard to get excited about a book that has Greg Land's name on it.
  • Not a comprehensive list by any means, but a collection of some of my favorite Horror and Sword & Sorcery genre characters as-well-as a few of their key appearances. I have many on the list but not all.

  • NorrinRadd615
    NorrinRadd615 commented on the comic, Faster Than Light #10
    Faster Than Light #10
    Hate that this is the last issue.  I really enjoyed this series.  It was a nice change for me from the Super Hero genre. 
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    • NorrinRadd615
      Thanks for the tip.  I'll check it out. 
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