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  • NodNolan
      Modern political themes and Intrigue. Confusion on who are the good guys Incredible Art You dont know which characters may not be alive by the end of the book This is very much Tom Taylors book, but he just 'gets'...
  • NodNolan
    NodNolan commented on the comic, Ignited #4
    Ignited #4

    Humanoids' website headlines a preview of this issues release with "Don't miss the groundbreaking ending of the first arc of ignited"

    edit:Confirmed. Ignited #5 has a Diamond ordercode of OCT191940 and is scheduled for a December 11th Release.

  • NodNolan
    NodNolan commented on the comic, Sideways #3
    Sideways #3

    Almost the Perfect issue for me. My Jaw dropped on the inadvertent injury.

    I also love that this series seems to be echoing the early Spider-Man comics by having an opponent an issue and really building up the world and adversaries around him.

    Well done DC


  • NodNolan
    NodNolan commented on the comic, Exiles #1
    Exiles #1

    Love alternative reality comics. It basically works out as "Publisher Testing ground" because the writer really gets to see what could possibly work.

    • Om
      I am looking forward to picking up my copy later.
  • NodNolan
    NodNolan commented on the comic, Noble #7
    Noble #7

    as per the Diamond Solictiation. This is issue #7 of volume 1... https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/OCT171685

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    • undeadquinn
      this is big mess no knows how to fix it...
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