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  • Nightwing82286

    Hey has anyone else experienced this app removing comics set in your pull or comics from your collection. I'm having more and more issues and it's upsetting me where I may just delete app from my phone all together.

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    • Nightwing82286
      That makes sense I'll just have to go back through my collection and add them again.
  • Nightwing82286
    Nightwing82286 commented on the comic, Batman Beyond #14
    Batman Beyond #14
    I'm excited to see (if) Matt become Robin Beyond...
  • Nightwing82286
    Nightwing82286 commented on the comic, Nightwing: The New Order #1
    Nightwing: The New Order #1
    I wonder if this may be a random weird tie into injustice with Damian Wayne as Nightwing... Just a thought.
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    • Enki345

      Pretty sure this is just an original elseworlds, just like the recent Supergirl: Being Super, and the upcoming Batman: The White Knight.

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