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  • NightFire

    hello my friends! it's been way too long since I posted something. last post would have been when "The Button" was coming out. how's everyone doing?! 

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    • Taren

      Welcome back.  Whatcha reading these days?

  • NightFire
    NightFire commented on the comic, Batman #21
    Batman #21

    One more week!!!!! :D

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    • CaptainNervous

      What has it been a year since Rebirth started? Finally we're getting into the mystery surrounding the button. Alright!!!!!!!!!!

  • NightFire

    Got a new job that actually keeps me busy during the day so I'm not on here as much as I used to be. How is everyone doing?! What are you guys reading these days? Any fun/interesting news to share?

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    • oconnors11

      Congratulations on the job. I am too new to have anything good to share, except @Taren is not good for my ever growing wish list. 

  • NightFire

    Alright everyone, what are your weird habits or quirks when it comes to your comic book collection?

    For example, one of mine is I keep the last issues for the series I'm reading at my desk until they get put in boxes (once the previous gets read before reading the new one to come out). I have a specific order for the different series in my pile. My father in law was looking at my comics one day and when I came home I immediately knew (not that its a big deal at all, he and my wife are one of the only people I trust to treat them with care). My wife asked how I knew, two comics were switched in the order and one was facing the wrong way. She laughed at me and asked if I'm sure it was him or if I accidentally did that. I told her there's no chance that happened because..... I'm kind of crazy.

    Anyway...... what's yours?!

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    • Jeffbrandie

      oh where to begin???

      My comics are delivered every other week.  Once I get them I sort them in the order I want to read them in and them put them back into the box they came in.

      The box sits on the couch next to me and I read them at my leisure. I usually write my reviews after reading each comic while it is fresh in my mind. I also add them to my collection here.

      When I have read all of them then I add them to my spreadsheets.  I have all my comics listed and the face value of them.  They are sorted by box and are in alphabetical order.  My new ones are actually put in magazine files to save diggin out the boxes every few weeks, plus we were running out of room for big boxes :(. 

      Once they are on the spreadsheets I seal up the bags and file them away and wait for my next shipment to arrive.  I just finished reading my last shipment last night and the next shipment should be sent today.  So I will start the insanity again next Monday or Tuesday.

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