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  • MysticCabbage
    ...Or Injustice League Dark - either way, the stage is set for some exciting things to come as this team is fully introduced. Tynion captures several wonderful character moments, continues to write the best portrayal of...
  • MysticCabbage
    This is a solid premise and right up my particular alley asthetically; we got the 1930's gangster era mixed w/ magic, what's not to love about that? We get the introduction of an interesting cast and the stage is...
  • MysticCabbage
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • MysticCabbage
    This issue was pretty close to perfect for me and not only encapsulates the entire run, but also sets the stage for literally the whole Thorverse going forward. It also beautifully dials in on what heroism truly means and...
  • MysticCabbage
    MysticCabbage commented on the comic, Doctor Strange Annual #1
    Doctor Strange Annual #1

    Oh hey, Doctor Strange NOT written by Mark Waid.

    *Adds to pull*

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    • Taren

      Yeah, I loved his art,it really fit well with the world Doctor Strange lives in. 

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