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  • Hit the brick Jack...er...Carl Sands.  The original Shadow Thief was in my opinion, boring.  Not necessarly lame...just nothing really jumps out about him as a bad guy.  But the NEW Shadow Thief has a Jack...
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    • PKcomic411

      Did anyone write this character further??? Good start. Haven't seen her since. Men in Black-esque

  • Ok.  I admit.  I'm a bit behind in my reading.  I'm just getting to Villain's Month.  And my OCD is in full gear as I've decided to read them in alphabetical order.  So far I've...
    • PKcomic411
      Agreed. The Batman & Robin 4-issues were surprisingly some of the best
  • Mystang5oh
    Generally, I've been a fan of the New 52.  I like how they mixed things up.  When Prof. Zoom was reintroduced, I was excited.  Visually, they really made him look good...very sinister.  I have to...
  • Mystang5oh
    Meh.  I've posted before that I'm a bit behind on my reading list, and I finally got to finishing the last arc of Green Lantern before "Rebirth."  I was really looking forward to it.  I'm...
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    • Taren

      Geoff Johns is the only writer I have liked with Green Lantern.  

  • For those of you old enough to get Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #1 in 1984, how excited were you?  How cool was it to see your toys in the pages of a comic and to see their adventures unfold?  That four...
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