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Descender #3
Descender #3 Review
May 8th, 2015
What can I say, except that this book is an absolute steal! There are scads of books from the big two (and elsewhere) that don't come close to what this title has to offer. The writing is outstanding and emotional, and the art is consistently amazing. I will always love superhero comics (it's why I started reading), but man--this one might just be at the top of the heap for me.
Really Liked It


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  • BarefootRoot
    this one seemed weaker than the first 2 issues to me, but that's not saying a lot because the last 2 were amazing. this one is just great ;) this is one of my favorite series right now.
    Reply  ·  5 years ago
  • mrwarshaw
    I would say #2 has been the best so far, and I'd put this one with #1. But like you said, calling one worse than the others ain't calling it bad by any stretch!
    Reply  ·  5 years ago
  • glentendo64
    The story seems to be moving slowly but the art is so brilliant, I don't even notice.
    Reply  ·  5 years ago