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  • T3D
    T3D » Movierevolt

    Hey I had to readd the comic book story of professional wrestling to fix an error.

  • Movierevolt
    Knowing that Astro City was nearing its end of coming out an issue form I was curious to how Kurt Busiek would approach this final arc. Although this is the second part of a three-part series it works as a prime...
  • Movierevolt
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Well, that will take some time to get over. Swamp Thing Winter Special is comic storytelling at its best. One that celebrates a comic legend and the work he has gifted the world. Even without that attachment, the main story...
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    • Wheezy1892
      @movierevolt, the wonder woman bit is fine, but she was written to be a temptress for batman in the first place. Its fine it get resolved somewhat but this is after the fact she is coaxing batman into kissing her, she was written in a way to tempt batman and be a threat to Bruce and selinas relationship, so it's OK though because batman stops himself and somehow Diana is the one who has to'playfully' scold him? I find it amusing we are arguing about one scene of which there are a few in dispute in the entire run yet we are trusted to connect the dots? So you see it one way and I another but the writer is off the hook as we will work out at some point? The worst bit is the ambiguity is not intentional, just sloppy writing. As for the evolution we do get more now than ever before in all comics, the super hero genre is a bit behind but as contemporary example the superman rebirth deals with relationships far better than batman and has the elements of adventure in them as well, admittedly that is wonky in parts but still delves deeper into the psyche of its character far better than Kings batman. I don't need everything explained, if the relationship between batman and catwoman was credible I might overlook the plot holes, if you don't care about them that's OK, am just saying there is a valid criticism of bad storytelling.
  • Movierevolt
    Movierevolt reviewed VS #1
    Vs is a good example of how great art and a good premise can only take you so far. Opening up we see these striking images of the vastness of space immediately causing the stage of this story to feel large. As the story...
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