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  • moogy_g
    moogy_g commented on the comic, Coda #1
    Coda #1

    I'm really looking forward to this series!! I got introduced to Spurrier's work by his series Godshaper, which I really loved. And now this fantasy series with a foul-tempered pentacorn in the setting of a weird wasteland?? Count me in!! Spurrier got an enormous talent for writing weird and intersting characters in a weird and intersting setting, while also adding a big slice of humour and social...

    • Jonab
      Never checked out Spurriers work before and I heard negative things, but he definitely has got good writing chops.
  • moogy_g
    moogy_g commented on the comic, Angelic #5
    Angelic #5

    After reading #1 of this series, to be honest, I was rather disappointed, especially after reading Spurrier's Godshaper series. But to my luck I got my hands on used issues of #2 and #3 and gave Angelic and the quests of Quora another try....and I fell totally in love with this series. I couldn't understand anymore why I was disappointed in the first place...I rather thought...some poopest...

  • moogy_g
    moogy_g commented on the comic, Lazarus: X+66 #2
    Lazarus: X+66 #2

    This is why I love Lazarus!! The first issue was kind of meh.. for me, because it didn't really add anything to the story or the character development, but this issue is just great, because we're getting to know a lot of the backstory of Joacquim, and the art by Mack Chater is beautiful and fits amazingly to the world of Lazarus!

    • bloodandink

      I agree wholeheartedly. Issue #1 didn't bring anything new which is a shame because Casey Solomon is one of the most interesting minor characters, so there's so much potential for her, story-wise.

  • moogy_g
    moogy_g commented on the comic, Motor Girl #8
    Motor Girl #8
    Oh my...Mr. Terry Fantastique Moore did it again...and well...again and again and...for me, this issue is one of the best so far of this series...I mean the cover speaks for itself....just great humor with deeply heartfelt emotions....unbelievable good! It's sad that there are only two issues left, but at the same time I rejoice in knowing that the door to the world of Strangers in Paradise is going...
    • Taren

      Yep, he is one of my favorite writers right now. 

  • moogy_g
    moogy_g commented on the comic, American Way: Those Above And Those Below #1
    American Way: Those Above And Those Below #1

    Imho this is one of the best comics of late...I recently bought the 1st series very cheap on ebay and I already thought that it's a great , even though not easy read due to its dealing with racism and the feeling that you kind of have to read the n-word on every page, but by thematizing this blunt racism offering an interesting and thought provoking social commentary on racism and its effect on/positioning...

    • Taren

      I have not read the first Vol. But I have enjoyed the last 2 issues I have read. This is from the same screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave.  Good stuff so far. 

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