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  • mnemic

    1. Any way to sort or filter read/rated/collection-items by the rating instead of alphabetically?

    The only Sorting method I find in the filter view is "Alphabetical A-Z or Z-A".

    This could be useful when I want to at a glance see my highest rated read series only to give recommendations for example.

    2. I'm also missing ways to filter based on ratings, based on Read/Rated/Owned status.

    I know I can click on the "Owned/Read/Rated" submenu in order to view those, but that doesn't let me create a filter upon that, narrowing it down further such as: "Read but not Rated" or "Rated by not Read" (which I had to manually look through all my read books in order to find the ones that hadn't registered as being "read" while they had registered as being "rated".

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