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  • MistahJsGirl
    MistahJsGirl commented on the comic, Cyborg #5
    Cyborg #5

    Enjoying this story greatly but the change in art really confused me and pulled out of the story a little bit. Very interested in what happens next.

    • grey-lantern
      Agreed. The story is intersting thus far but the sudden change of art in the middle of this issue was weird.
  • Suicide Squad Most Wanted #4 El Diablo & Killer Croc

    I picked this series up on a whim, thinking it was something completely different than what it is. Before this limited series, I had never read stories about El Diablo or Killer Croc and gotten their backstory. They were usually the villain of the week in a Batman comic or a side character to Harley Quinn or Deadshot in the suicide squad. I'm glad I decided to pick these up because reading these...

    • GraySpeedster

      My LCS dropped this exact copy in my pull box 2 weeks ago. Next week I went back and bought the other 3 and added it to my pull list. Like you said, it's an interesting take on the characters. This 6 part mini series is coming along great and is sure to finish in style.

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