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  • mindfork
    Never have I been so pleased by having a storyline end not at all on the note that I thought it was going to. The concept of the disconnected, big name character-centered storyline in comics can easily lead to darkness for...
  • A fun enough story with some good gags and a few surprises, and personally it's hard to find too much fault with anything that lets a cast of villians shine. This feels like the kind of comic you read through once and...
    • PKcomic411
      Agreed. Fun. Glad I got it. Just wish I knew about the online voting prior!
  • mindfork
    This conclusion felt the slightest bit rushed and off, pacing wise, which is a shame because otherwise this issue was absolutely perfect. Great uses of death, and the impact it has on the lives of people and medical professionals,...
  • mindfork
    Much as I've enjoyed the character bits and art on this story overall, it's starting to feel like they're spending too much time developing Doc Justice; I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop for at...
  • mindfork
    Oh damn. Really delves into the mythology of the threat our heroes face in a manner that is well-done, unsettling and deeply satisfying. Excellant character-driven storytelling this issue. Definitely was not expecting that...
    • Seren

      Agreed! It was so damn good!

First got into comics via Spider-Man, and a lot of 90s cartoons...mostly a Make Mine Marvel all the way, unless it's Vertigo or Dark Horse ;)
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