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  • mhornfeck
    mhornfeck commented on the comic, Inkblot #1
    Inkblot #1
    The first issue was cool. Definitely some cool ideas from the 2 creators. Looking forward to the next one!
  • mhornfeck
    mhornfeck commented on the comic, The Resistance #1
    The Resistance #1
    This was one of the best #1s I've read in a long time. It hits pretty hard considering the subject matter in relation to current events. I am highly anticipating the next issue.
  • mhornfeck

    My wife just came to me after doing math homework with our 7yo daughter and said this:

    "I told her I was happy she didn't give up when the problems got hard. And she said it's because she has willpower, like the green lanterns. Not like the red lanterns, they're just really angry. But she has willpower like the green lanterns and that's why she didn't give up."

    Proudest moment as a parent, hands down.

  • mhornfeck
    mhornfeck commented on the comic, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40
    To anyone reading this series, how does it relate to the other Go Go Power Rangers series? Is it the same set of characters just with different story arcs? Or is it a separate take on the Power Rangers team altogether?
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    • mhornfeck

      Sorry I missed your reply - I really appreciate the explanation! I had to read it a few times but I think I follow. Looking to read through some trades for both these titles soon! 

  • mhornfeck

    Wednesday is really my favorite day of the week.

    • Free bagels at the office in the morning
    • New comics after work
    • New episode of Deadly Class at night

    Doesn't really get much better than that.

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    • Kroenen23034

      I always have Wednesday off work so I can go pick mine up first thing in the morning and come home and read. 

I'm a software developer living in Boston, MA, with my wife and two kids. In addition to being a comic geek, I enjoy running, reading fiction, and playing board games. DC comics will always be my favorite, but I read other stuff as well!
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