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  • Mernas
    Mernas commented on the comic, Joker: Killer Smile #2
    Joker: Killer Smile #2
    What an issue! Sorrentino's panel work that one already loves from the pages of Gideon Falls shines here as well as the story itself. What a great book we got here! Instant classic.
    • Taren

      Looking forward to the read. 

  • Mernas
    Mernas commented on the comic, Middlewest #9
    Middlewest #9
    Great issue. Lots of stuff going on. Rather fast story telling compared to most issues. But the whole world building took a leap forward. And the beat part is the cover! Daaamn it's great!
  • Mernas
    Mernas commented on the comic, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 #5
    Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 #5
    That whole story was pretty... underwhelming.
  • Mernas
    Mernas commented on the comic, Gideon Falls #10
    Gideon Falls #10
    Always amazed by the panel work. Until GF I always was aware that the panel arrangement and use of shapes can have a significant influence on the story. But this is like a whole new level. I'm regularly in awe when turning pages. I always feel bad focusing on thispart of the book when talking/writing about it since there is also this great story which I immensely enjoy. Hands down this is my favorite...
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    • Taren

      Yes. Old Man Logan was great as well. It's obviously one of Andrea Sorrentino's strong points. 

  • Mernas
    Mernas commented on the comic, Cemetery Beach #4
    Cemetery Beach #4
    After three issues of chasing and more or less nothing more, this at least added something to the world and introduced a new group. I'm still far away from beeing excited, but will pull the next issue nevertheless. However, I'm probably gonna drop this sooner or later. The story, world and characters have enough potential to shine but for now it's way to slow for my taste. I like chase scenes if done...
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