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  • Merk

    Just bought X-tinction Agenda #1, Avengers world #1 animal variant, Wolverine #1 Katie cook animal variant and Secret avengers #1 Katie cook animal variant.

  • Merk

    checked out Walking dead 2 to 4 and batgirl of burnside from my library

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    • bn00880

      if we are talking library hauls i currently have 

      • Fables : the wolf among us. Volume 2
      • Tomb Raider archives. Volume 1
      • The shadow hero
      • Rick and Morty : book one
      • Drama

      checked out 

  • Merk

    Digital or print. I personally enjoy both

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    • Steiner

      hmm I like print only for old comics, and digital for new because of the coloring.

  • Merk

    Started watching Iron fist, good show but not as good as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones or Daredevil (still watching daredevil)

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    • gregroyj42

      I finished it a day or two ago.  The only two things I didn't like about this was the villian was paper thin and not compelling at all.  Also Danny seemed obsessed with honor but how did he uphold his honor by murdering?   They do try  to explain this but it wasn't done well.  Honor for most of us upholds life.

  • Merk

    Finished Batman The killing joke and it was amazing. I also started batman hush and so far its good

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    • kryptronic

      Check out The Man Who Laughs. Probably my favorite Joker story 

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