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  • MentallyDelicious

    Does anyone collect Comic Busts/ statues/ figures and if you do what websites do you use? I want to buy more but I dont want to spend all of my money. Clearance would be great

    • luo09001

      I go on ebay to compare what prices they have versus Amazon and other websites. Honestly ebay is your best, typically people sell for a really good underprice.  

  • MentallyDelicious
    MentallyDelicious commented on the comic, Batman: Damned #1
    Batman: Damned #1

    Full on Bat Penis. What a world we live in. 

  • MentallyDelicious

    This royally pisses me off! It’s shit like this that makes us nerds look bad. It’s fine to have your own opinions but stop being such little shits about it. Internet trolls are just bitter subhuman scum. 

    Personally I think Ruby Rose is the perfect choice for Batwoman and I can’t wait to see her in a bat suit. 

    Ruby Rose was recently cast as Batwoman in The CW's Arrowverse.
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    • Taren

      People are nuts these days. 

  • MentallyDelicious

    So I haven’t seen this dicussed anywhere on here(unless I just completely missed it) and I wanted to know what everyone’s opinion is on this. 

    James Gunn wrote most of the tweets before 2013. They resurfaced after he criticized President Trump on Twitter and far-right provocateurs searched his social media history.
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    • IstvanTheHun

      He made a handful of tweets that were not humorous and really crossed the line into some sick territory.  Also, his association with the convicted pedophile who runs the Hollywood Science Fiction and Horror (fake) 'Museums' and the Star Trek Bridge Restoration project is not helping either! 

      Really sad, because this puts the creative future of Guardians of the Galaxy into question. But that's karma for you - Gunn attacked people online and got a comeuppance of sorts.

  • MentallyDelicious
    I thought this was pretty great actually. I did t read any spoilers but I wasn’t surprised. I think we all knew how this would end. But that last page!! What the?!? Can’t wait to see where this goes. Plus I loved the...
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    • CaptainNervous
      Yeah, I liked it too. And it is crazy how divisive this book is. This issue was like poetry, so I can understand if it wasn't everyone's cup of tea.
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