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  • ToxicDon
    ToxicDon » MEGAMENE

    I realize you don't know me, but I see you bought Cloak & Dagger #1. My shop owner tells me this is a digital comic and no actual comic exists. Is this true? Nowhere does it say it's a digital comic, though the $2.99 price tag really has me wondering.

  • sergiuspaulus1
    sergiuspaulus1 » MEGAMENE

    What is everybody’s thoughts on this potential Punchline speculation in Batman 664?

    Recently a book has started selling online being labeled as the “first appearance of Young Punchline”. Join us as we investigate!

    Xploited, the list page on my profile only shows the last 20 ones that I made, they are saved as drafts, I don't know if that matters.

    • Xploited

      Should be fixed now. Would prefer to use the ticket system for bugs - easier for me to see / prioritize.


    Xploited what's the policy on X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever?

    It's being released as a digital first series, but the contents are the same as the print version.

    If the released date isn't changed to the digital one, I can't mark the issue as collected and read.

    • Xploited

      It's a little unique in that they're literally the same comics. Still, I think we should keep the digital versions as digital chapter listings for now and the print ones can be separated then for those who want to Pull them.


    Earlier today I added the new Silver Surfer series, but I can't find it by searching, danielmilutin added it too, I guess he couldn't see it too.

    Could it be because added the series with a high volume number?

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    • Daniel
      At the moment you can only see empty series in the search preview window. When there are many titles with the same name they sometimes aren't visible. That's why I added the first issue right after I added the series.
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