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  • matpress
    So Black Box is the beginning of Dynamite's second volume of James Bond comics, finishing volume 1 after 12 issues. From the first few pages, I am already convinced that I will like this new turn. As you can see in the preview,...
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    • IstvanTheHun

      yeah you can tell it's an American writer, just based on Bond and M's dialogue. Can also tell he's a bigger fan of the movies than the novels, which I would say was the reverse with Ellis

  • matpress
    matpress commented on the comic, Star Trek: Boldly Go #1
    Star Trek: Boldly Go #1

    So I've been a trekkie for a while, and a comic book fan for probably longer but I've never mixed the two. Is this an OK place to start right now?

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    • Bauer32301

      I've been a Trekkie longer than a comic fan and I recently read this.  I wasn't expecting to, but I actually really enjoyed. I've not read any other Star Trek comics, and I still felt right at home with this is book.  Like Istvan mentioned, it takes place after the recent film.

  • matpress
    matpress commented on the comic, Cable #1
    Cable #1

    Yeah... I wasn't crazy about this. Not sure this deserves a #1 on the cover. While I claim to be an X-Men fan, I somehow have missed a lot about Cable, so this did very little to tell me anything about who he was. Not going to bash the book, but this was an awful place to start reading about a character.

    • Pokacat

      Yeah as a jumping on point not the best. I guess they think most people know the history and didn't really want to start with another origin/year one story. The book itself was a bit lacklustre hopefully it picks up normally his books have been all action affairs we'll see what route they take.

  • matpress

    So me and a few friends have been doing this stream spoiling the story of all the Marvel books for the week. Really unprofessional, just fun round up so we know the full focus of the Marvel Universe. Feel free to join us.


  • So if you know me, I'm a sucker for the unlikely crossovers, and this was no exception. To preface this, I am a big Planet of the Apes fan, but only an ameture in the DC Universe department. One of my best friends is...
    • heracles75

      i too am giving it a chance.  Especially since Geoff Johns is not involved in the writing or editing of it.  If he were involved , it would be sure to be incomprehensible.

Dad, husband, student, barista, journeyman historian, amateur table top game developer. Favorite comics: Power Rangers, James Bond, X-Men.
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