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  • masterofcomicsfu
    masterofcomicsfu commented on the comic, Excalibur #12
    Excalibur #12

    My favorite issue of the series so far. Apocalypse's plans finally come into view and there are some great moments for Rictor and Gambit here. Also very interested in what Saturnyne and Betsy's working relationship will be like going forward.

  • masterofcomicsfu
    masterofcomicsfu commented on the comic, X-Men #12
    X-Men #12

    I thought this was great! Had a very Lord of the Rings epic feel and I think Yu's art really fit the history lesson we got here. Tons of new names and ideas but I was able to parse it all pretty easily. Super excited for next week's kickoff!

  • masterofcomicsfu

    Wow, looks like Jonathan Majors will be playing Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man 3!! Majors is a great actor and this is super exciting news for possibly building up the Young Avengers more. If you haven't seen The Last Black Man in San Francisco you should!

    Jonathan Majors is playing the Ant-Man 3 villain, the classic Marvel Comics bad guy Kang the Conquerer.
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    • PKcomic411
      At first, I read Lee Majors...
  • masterofcomicsfu
    masterofcomicsfu commented on the comic, Batman: Three Jokers #1
    Batman: Three Jokers #1

    Wasn't terribly impressed with this. I liked Fabok's art here a lot more than his work in JL but the writing was just.. ok? I feel a kind of rhythm in Johns' work where he seems to want his comics to read like Silver Age comics but also be "grown-up" in a way that makes his writing kind of childish (not strictly a negative) but the comic not particularly welcoming to younger readers. I think the...

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    • Taren

      Ahhhhh. I see said the blind man. 

  • masterofcomicsfu

    WOW! Milestone is finally returning to DC's publishing line more than two decades after they stopped putting out new comics. Looks like the initial plan is:

    • A "Miletone Returns" No. 0 one-shot released digitally on September 12th to serve as an introductory point for new readers and nostalgic experience for those familiar with the characters.
    • A gradual release of the entire Milestone library on digital platforms between September and February.
    • A Static Shock digital-first series beginning in February.
    • A Static Shock OGN later in 2021 by Reginald Hudlin and Kyle Baker.
    • An Icon & Rocket series illustrated by Denys Cowan around the same time frame.
    • AND Milestone is in talks to develop a Static Shock movie and DC Animated films featuring Milestone characters.

    This is super exciting to me, the Static Shock show was such an incredible part of my childhood and these characters have been in legal limbo for so long now. The emphasis on digital and OGNs is interesting too, but I think it'll help get these comics into more kids' hands.

    Milestone Comics stopped creating new stories in 1997, but the imprint — and its Dakotaverse of characters — will be back next year.
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    • Wheezy1892
      I think @ObsessedNerd is correct. The push for digital is inevitable, I can't understand how they would market it though, at least print would occupy some shelf space, in comixology I feel you have to purposefully seek out the comic you want to read such is the crowded nature of the site. I too would like this to succeed as well but I feel going forward any book that isn't bat related wont get far.
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