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X-Men #2
Kra-Z island stuff
X-Men #2 Review
November 13th, 2019

So in this issue we see the other part of Krakoa join together!  I'v read of this and heard how they split and forever they were torn, but this issue emphasized how and why a bit.  I'm not sure who the new character is, but I am digging how much of a super power Apocolyspe is, as he is involved greatly in the Excalibur, and now here he is the father.  I like this new story very much

Loved It


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  • PKcomic411
    I didn't read any of the other #1s... And by the second page I felt like I'm already missing out. If we have to read 5 titles to be in the know... I will need to think again. One sure way of making me get x-Force #1 tho. Geesh...
    Reply  ·  10 months ago
  • Manktron


    Reply  ·  10 months ago
  • TecnoPope

    @PKcomic411 I've read all the other #1's and I'll tell you it seems like all you need to read is this and X-Force. Or at least X-Force to understand the main X book.

    Reply  ·  10 months ago
  • PKcomic411
    That's doable. AND Benjamin Percy kept me pulling GA even tho I wanted to trim it every week. But he kept me buying the next one. So? I'll get X-force #1 (with a squinted eye, this time). That said? I have to drive to my nlcbs an hour away because my local one was out. Lovely?
    Reply  ·  10 months ago