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  • Maidenfan18

    Any fellow digital collectors here? When it comes to books and magazines I’m old school in the sense that I much prefer an actual physical copy for collecting purposes but when it comes to comics I decided years ago to go almost exclusively with digital comics. Saves so much room, as I don’t have to find places to store hundreds or  thousands of comics  

    My collection currently numbers at over 7,500 individual comics and I keep the majority of them on a microsd card that sits in my Microsoft Surface 3 tablet. It has essentially become an awesome comic machine and as you can imagine it’s incredibly convenient to have so many comics at my fingertips. 

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    • davidechastain

      I buy as much as I can every month but I download a metric fuck ton every month on top of that. I've been thinking about making a 2nd profile on here specifically for my digital collection.

  • Maidenfan18
    Maidenfan18 commented on the comic, The Woods #1
    The Woods #1

    This has been on my to-read list for quite awhile now. Just finished issue 1 and it seems fairly promising. 

  • Maidenfan18
    Maidenfan18 commented on the comic, Family Tree #1
    Family Tree #1

    Will give this a shot 100% based on the fact that it’s Jeff Lemire. I will literally try every single series he ever works on. He’s one of the writers that has earned that, IMO. 

  • Maidenfan18
    Maidenfan18 commented on the comic, Manifest Destiny #37
    Manifest Destiny #37

    Finally coming back after a year long hiatus! 

  • Maidenfan18
    Maidenfan18 commented on the comic, Oblivion Song #17
    Oblivion Song #17

    This series is awesome. 

Huge fan of Image Comics! I collect digitally. Comixology is my friend.
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