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  • luo09001
    luo09001 commented on the comic, X-Men / Fantastic Four #1
    X-Men / Fantastic Four #1

    This issue was great! Love to see the Franklin story finally develop, excited for the series especially with Chip writing! Some of the characterization felt off, especially for Xavier and Magneto, felt they were being extremely aggressive, perhaps they were. Also Dodson's art is always phenomenal,but something fell off this issue. It looked a little sloppy, the art/ink?....

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    • ObsessedNerd
      Really enjoyed this but I find it hard to really get invested in Franklin as a character. How many times since this kid was brought into the comics has he been aged and then de-aged over and over. It’s hard to think he’ll retain any significance for very long.
  • luo09001
    luo09001 commented on the comic, The Green Lantern Season Two #1
    The Green Lantern Season Two #1

    I'm not gonna lie, most of Morrison's stuff goes beyond me! Yet I still enjoy reading his work. Figuring it out is a part of the fun. I like reading over his stories multiple times and always gaining a new perspective and further understanding wtf he is going on about! Recommend reading it with some of the websites that annotate each issue. Overall solid art and writing!

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    • Taren

      @CarnuSaga Very true. When he hits its great. 

  • luo09001
    luo09001 commented on the comic, X-Men #6
    X-Men #6

    This was an amazing issue! Glad to see this plot picked up again and also gleefully anticipating for this story to continue! 

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    • Taren

      I have so much to read.... Ha ha ha. 

  • luo09001
    luo09001 commented on the comic, Action Comics #1018
    Action Comics #1018

    I know JRJR is an acquired taste, but his art is truly something special. The writing though, what the heck had happened? What is up with all these adults and mastermind villains all speaking like teenagers!?! That is poor characterization of Luthor! 

    • Adamantiumcocoon

      I enjoyed this issue, but you're right about the poor villian dialogue on the last page. It did not suit the characters at all.

  • luo09001
    luo09001 commented on the comic, Superman: Heroes #1
    Superman: Heroes #1

    Not sure how to feel about this one-shot. It nicely sets up future plot points that I hope will come up soon? I do think it failed to do the one thing it was marketed as though. It left me wanting more meaningful reactions on the perspective of other heroes on Supe's reveal. Some were great like Batman, Jimmy and the school teacher! Overall Bendis is doing a fine job of nailing Superman's character...

Star Wars and all Superhero Comics Fan. Mainly follow DC but try to read everything. Huge fan of Geoff Johns GL and other works. Big fan of Batman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow. First comics owned were Grant Morrison's Batman Johns GL run.
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