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  • Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1

    So looking forward to this! This anniversary issue is packed with talent! Crazy there's no Grant Morrison in this considering he is currently on the title and doing amazing stuff with the mythos!

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    • KatairaM

      It’s going to be epic!

  • luo09001
    luo09001 commented on the comic, Dawn of X Vol. 7 TP
    Dawn of X Vol. 7 TP

    Glad to see Marvel will be continuing with collecting all of Dawn of X titles under one paperback. Interesting name addition, was wondering how they would implement new titles and those that are cut. 

  • luo09001

    I have Hickman's complete Avengers/New Avengers run in standard paperbacks and have noticed that Marvel is later in the year releasing Hickman's Avengers Complete Collections paperbacks. I knew I should have waited! I wonder if I should sell mine and then get these?  

  • luo09001
    luo09001 commented on the comic, Cable #1
    Cable #1

    What a fantastic first issue! I am really excited to pull this and read more on the teased story lines! 

  • luo09001
    luo09001 commented on the comic, Cable #3
    Cable #3
    Gerry Duggan writing Deadpool again!? COUNT. ME. IN!!! Excited for this issue, Enjoyed Duggan's DP run, he has such a great grasp of the character and this young Cable! 
Star Wars and all Superhero Comics Fan. Mainly follow DC but try to read everything. Huge fan of Geoff Johns GL and other works. Big fan of Batman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow. First comics owned were Grant Morrison's Batman Johns GL run.
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