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  • LT3Dave
    LT3Dave commented on the comic, Backways #1
    Backways #1
    Digging the art style, story seems interesting but curious to see how cliche it gets.
  • LT3Dave
    LT3Dave commented on the comic, Pacific Rim: Aftermath #2
    Pacific Rim: Aftermath #2
    Is the release date for this wrong? Local shop says that it's released on the 21st?
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    • LT3Dave

      Hmm, odd. Thanks Xploited, I'll go check a different store in the City tomorrow if I can :)

  • LT3Dave
    LT3Dave commented on the comic, Venom #1
    Venom #1
    Always been a Venom/Carnage fan, happy I chose this to read next on my list, but having been out of comics for so long it leaves me with so many questions about the world in general that I can't wait to go explore :D
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    • Taren

      I enjoyed the first 6 issue of this... The art kind of reminds me of the Kill Bill animation sequences. 

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