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  • LordMilutin
    LordMilutin commented on the comic, Death of Hawkman #1
    Death of Hawkman #1

    Is this a part of Rebirth?

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    • mhornfeck

      Ha - totally didn't see your other comment until now. Also, I stand corrected.. I heard they announced a new Batwoman title but didn't know it was jumping on the Rebirth boat with a Rebirth one-shot and everything. Sounds like you are right.

  • LordMilutin
    LordMilutin commented on the comic, Midnighter and Apollo #1
    Midnighter and Apollo #1

    Is this a part of Rebirth?

    • jaidenwars

      No, I'm not entirely sure on DC's 'criteria' for being a Rebirth title, but this is definitely something separate. I think all of the Rebirth titles are designed to eventually tie-in to the Rebirth-ending event. This and Death of Hawkman are also miniseries which might have something to do with it.

  • LordMilutin
    LordMilutin commented on the comic, Superwoman #2
    Superwoman #2

    I cannot wait to see who Ultra Woman is!

    • CaptainNervous

      That's an awesome cover!!!!!!!!! Damn! DC is nailing it!!!!

  • LordMilutin
    The art style is amazing and the story is compelling, even though I wish it moved a bit after.
  • LordMilutin

    Hey people, for those of you who follow Injustice series, does anyone know when does Year 2 Annual take place? Between which chapters in Year 2?
    Thanks in advance!

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