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  • lifeofgrime
    lifeofgrime commented on the comic, Frontier #1
    Frontier #1


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    • MannequinRaces

      I really hope so... I mean when it was solicited we know Hickman’s got at least three to four covers done. It’s apparent he’s done a lot of work on the series already. 

  • lifeofgrime
    lifeofgrime commented on the comic, Kino #1
    Kino #1

    Has anyone been reading the Catalyst Prime books? This is the 6th book I believe. I'm not sure what I think about the new universe yet. I'm kinda waiting to be wow'd.

    • TriOpticon

      I just started reading them.  Nothing too impressive to me, yet.  I will give them a chance, though.  This one was not too bad.

  • lifeofgrime
    lifeofgrime commented on the comic, Swamp Thing Winter Special #1
    Swamp Thing Winter Special #1

    Bummed this is just a one-shot.

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    • Wheezy1892
      I am saddened I bought this, the price was too high for what we got here.
  • lifeofgrime
    lifeofgrime commented on the comic, Batman #36
    Batman #36

    Now that the non-Rebirth branding is starting, I am going to miss the arc titles on the cover

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    • PKcomic411
      Aww man. I specifically always got the 1 variant so I would have the arc name and part number too. I hope they bring it back somehow.
  • lifeofgrime
    lifeofgrime commented on the comic, Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter #4
    Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter #4

    Hoping these Hammer books continue. I wonder what the next character will be.

    • CaptHowdy

      I want more Karnstein mythology developed, so Vampire Lovers, Twins of Evil, Lust for Dracula related stuff would be my  preference.    Of course a Dracula/Frankenstein line would be awesome too.  

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