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  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves #1
    U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves #1
    This was pretty solid. I'm now gonna pick up Red Rooster too. I hope this company succeeds.
  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, The Last God - Sourcebook
    The Last God - Sourcebook

    I haven't read any of this but I m interested. How has it been?

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    • LemonadeMan
      Thanks for the info y'all.
  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9
    Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9

    Was this cancelled? I see no future issues listed.

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    • ObsessedNerd

      Sigh. So that's another title I like that's dead now. The list goes on. Marvel and DC are going to kill half their line with this crap. I know some people read digital but the majority of us don't. 

  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, Supergirl #41
    Supergirl #41

    Dang not really a fan of digital only.

  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, Dark Nights: Death Metal #1
    Dark Nights: Death Metal #1

    I just don't get the Snyder love. This was okay I guess but Ive never been wowed by anything from Snyder.

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    • LemonadeMan

      I mean, yeah, from what I've read of Snyder, he's done a good job at keeping things tied together. Because of this, I wouldn't call him a bad writer but, to me his work is boring. I know this opinion is tied to whatever your philosophy is as a reader (I tend to value characterization over overarching story) but to me, Snyder's work has always felt like reading a textbook. He's great at delivering information and creating situations but consistently fails at establishing both character to reader and character to character relationships. With Snyder, I don't feel a connection to his characters nor do I buy into the relationships among the cast. Instead, his work comes off feeling bland. With that said, I'm well aware this isn't an objective breakdown of his work, my views obviously being influenced by what I personally value in comics. Still, because I'd much rather be on the Snyder train than be confused by its popularity, I'll try to read Black Mirror and After Death in hopes that they win me over.

Grew up on Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited. Mention anything from those shows and I might fall in love.
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