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  • Star Wars Legends: Epic Collection -  Tales of the Jedi Vol. 1 TP


  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, Iron Man #1
    Iron Man #1

    Don't know this writer but Cafu's art on Valkyrie was fantastic.

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    • Kroenen23034
      Cantwell is one of my new top favorite writers around right now. Halt and Catch Fire was amazing. He is a showrunner on the Paper Girls series in development. And She Could Fly is one of my all time favorite comics.
  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, Strange Adventures #5
    Strange Adventures #5

    This is the type of book that once you start, you just never want to end. Tom King may not always be at his best but, I believe when he is, there's nobody better. Also, Alanna is such a cool character man.

    • Taren

      Well said. 

  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, Black Widow #1
    Black Widow #1

    I dug this. The plot is interesting and the art is actually good; something I dont find myself saying about Marvel comics often.

  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, Thor #6
    Thor #6
    This started off great but I feel like this fell off in the last two issues. Also, I think they should have milked the Herald Thor thing longer. Oh well, I'll probably drop this series now.
    • ObsessedNerd

      I enjoyed this issue but i agree the previous one was pretty bad. But i think I've seen enough from those 1st few issues to stick around for a while and see how it develops. Unfortunately the price of comics these days means that its harder to be loyal to a book/character. If it slips it's dropped.

Grew up on Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited. Mention anything from those shows and I might fall in love.
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