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  • leephus
    leephus commented on the comic, Farmhand #3
    Farmhand #3
    Really enjoying the crazy sci-fi of this book.
  • leephus
    So I have completed the first story arc and was hooked all the way through. I actually saved them up and read 1 - 10 pretty much in one sitting.  Because I couldn't put it down. Fun characters, creative story with...
  • leephus
    Sergio Aragones and his team are some of my favorite creators in the business. If you don't know Groo it is a very mad cap tale of a barbarian who has an uncanny ablilty to make the best laid plans go awry. In this series...
  • leephus
    I picked this up soley on the fact it was written by Jason Aaron. I admit at first I felt this was just too weird. I held out, and issue #2 hooked me! The art really is great and one of my favorite cameos pops up. All the...
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    • BlackEmrald
      I agree, Weirdworld has been my favorite as well!
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